CAT 7495 Gear Oil Filtration

CAT’s electric rope shovels are some of the largest mining shovels in the world.  A mining operation in Alberta’s oil sands contacted us to find a solution for the oil contamination in their hoist gearcase.

Pumping and filtering gear oil in Alberta can be difficult because of the cold winter temperatures.  Therefore we provided a filter system with a heater to ensure good flow and filtration year round.

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After filtering the oil for 20 hours there was a visible improvement to oil cleanliness


Starting ISO Code:  21/20/13                         After 20 hours ISO Code:  19/16/7

Oil changes are normally scheduled for every 3,000 hours.  However, after using the filter system at scheduled PMs we expect to see oil life last well beyond 6,000 hours.

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~ Perry Thiessen
   (604) 794-7755

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